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Jade Eby
Creative Empowerment Advocate • Novelist and Certified Trauma Recovery Coach • Professional cat-herder


The hidden gems of re-reading your journal entries

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It’s no surprise to anyone how passionate I am about journaling (or daily writing). I’ve talked ad nauseam about its immediate benefits to our health and wellbeing, but one thing I’m not sure I’ve talked about is how a journaling maintenance ritual/system can be just as beneficial as the writing itself.

I will admit that I haven’t always been meticulous in my journal maintenance…it’s only in the last couple of years that I’ve learned of its immense benefits. But what I can tell you from my experience is that it’s well worth starting the process now, if you can.

What is a Journal Maintenance Routine?



What it is, why it’s so prevalent, and what we can do about it

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“Every strong woman is a witch and she is always hunted.” — Missing Witches

Well, we made it! We’ve arrived at the last leg of the Trinity Wound triangle. The Witch Wound. This is a big one, guys. Huge. One of the reasons I waited to go into depth on this particular wound is because the Mother Wound and Sister Wound dovetail into the Witch Wound so deeply, it’s impossible to separate them. Yes, this wound is different, but it’s also a manifestation (in my humble opinion) of the other two wounds. So let’s get right into it.

What is the Witch Wound?

I want…


What it is, why it sucks and what we can do about it.

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As if one wound isn’t enough… I’m back with the second wound of The Trinity Wounds (not sure what that is? Read the introductory article, The Trinity Wounds: An Introduction).

The Sister Wound is a bit broader than the Mother Wound as we’re using the word “sister” liberally, here. You’ll see why once we get into the meat of what this wound is and how it manifests in our lives, individually and collectively.

So what is the Sister Wound?

Unlike the Mother Wound, there’s not a lot of research, studies, or books on this wound. While the name and the concept seem “new,” it’s actually a…


What others’ depictions say about you

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In preparation for a fall memoir class I’m taking, I had one job: to pull out tangible memories of the past. Photos, letters, gifts, etc. Coincidentally, I’ve been lovingly referred to as a “pack rat” in which I keep seemingly unimportant things. I’ve never been more thankful for my “pack rat” ways as I am now. As I moved boxes around in my spider-web, stale-air storage room, I dusted off the ones that felt relevant and brought them to my office.

I started with the photos. And while looking through them, that sly sense of nostalgia crept in. I felt…


What a 30 Day Card Story Challenge taught me about writing

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In June, I decided to 30-Day Challenge through Mr. Lionharts (aka @lionharts on IG). Now that the thirty days are over, I thought it would be interesting and appropriate to do a post mortem on how it went. I’m a huge fan of “behind-the-scenes” write-ups, commentary, or explanations from creators. I feel like it allows me additional insight into their creative practices and thought processes. So that’s what I’ll attempt to do here.

The “Why”

  • When this challenge was posted, it felt like divine timing. I’d been considering running my Tarot + Fiction Workshop again but I’d also felt a little creatively…


What it is, why it’s so prevalent, and what you can do about it

Photo by Bence Halmosi on Unsplash

The Mother Wound. It sounds a little intense, huh? Well, it is. But here’s the scoop — every single person suffers from the Mother Wound in some capacity. Why? Because this particular wound is a form of cultural and familial trauma specific to those of us living in a patriarchy¹. It shows up in all areas of our lives — personally, culturally, spiritually, collectively. In my introduction piece (The Trinity Wounds: An Introduction) I mentioned the personal and collective costs of not healing these wounds as well as what can happen when we do personally and collectively begin to heal…


Why you might have one of these hidden wounds

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

I’m going to start this series of articles with some deep and probing questions. I will warn you: they’re going to be uncomfortable. And it’s perfectly okay if they’re uncomfortable because, in the questioning of why we feel uncomfortable with these questions, we find the magic of awareness. But if I can ask one thing of you in regards to these questions, it’s to be curious and honest with yourself.

Have you ever identified with any of these statements:

  • You find yourself in a constant state of not feeling good enough.
  • You feel a consistent background sense that there is…


Why we play by different “rules”

Photo by Bookblock on Unsplash

Let me paint a scene for you quickly.

You sit down at your desk, open the lid of your laptop (or open your fresh blank notebook), and then you freeze staring at the blankness. You’ve worked yourself up enough to get to the page, but now that you’re here… all the swirling ideas, the characters, dialogue… it’s just gone. You start to doubt yourself and your ability to write. Then the voices kick up and even though they’re in your head, you swear they’re screaming at you:

“You can’t hack it at this writing thing!”

“How are you going to…


There are more benefits than you think

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The opposite of patriarchy isn’t matriarchy — it’s circle.

— Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen

I’ve been involved (in some form or another) in circles my entire life without realizing that’s what it actually was. I’ve always naturally been drawn to communities that approach interaction from an equitable standpoint rather than a hierarchal one. My work with trauma clients has always stemmed from a place of collaboration and my teaching style is very much experiential, collaborative, and co-creative rather than me speaking from a place of “expertise.”

This is all to say that circles have been a major aspect of my…


I am. Here’s how I encouraged self-compassion for my addiction

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

I often imagine that there’s a 12 Step Program for learning addicts, like myself. While not quite as dangerous as other addictions, it can get problematic. Especially with the number of online courses being offered, it’s easy to get swept up in the learning cycle. However, from one addict to another (if you identify as such), I can tell you that it gets overwhelming, expensive, and shame-inducing if you go overboard.

I fell into a shame spiral a few months ago when I realized just how many courses, workshops, certification programs, masterclasses, and more I’d gotten myself involved in. Don’t…

Jade Eby

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